SDK Object

CircleCI SDK Module

New in version 1.2.0.

  1. 2019 by Lev Lazinskiy

MIT, see LICENSE for more details.

class circleci.sdk.SDK(apiclient, logger=None)[source]

CircleCI SDK

An SDK module that allows you to do interesting or complex things using the CircleCI API.

Instantiate a new circleci.SDK object.

Parameters:apiclient (Api) – an instance of circleci.Api
build_singleton(username, project, vcs_type='github')[source]

Force builds for a specific project to run one at a time.

This method gets a build summary for a specific project to see all currently running builds. It filters out the current running build. It pauses execution until the project has no more running builds.

It will recheck for running builds every 15 seconds.

  • username – Org or user name.
  • project – Case sensitive repo name.
  • vcs_type – Defaults to github. On you can also pass in bitbucket.

Changed in version 1.2.2: fixed bug where current build was counted toward running builds.